Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lesser of Two Evils


Okay folks, here it is, my first blog. Sounds like a children's toy. My First Blog. But I digress. Something I imagine I will do often as this journal evolves.

This blog -MY blog- is intended from the outset (as in now) to be political in nature, but It will undoubtedly include discussions concerning any of my eclectic pile of interests. It will be full of MY opinion, MY rhetoric, and will fully conform to MY standards! It is, after all, MY blog. That being said, I welcome, or better still encourage your comments, corrections (on the non-subjective stuff like grammar, spelling and cold, hard facts) support, and arguments. I want this to be a learning experience for anyone reading- as well as myself. My opinion is subject to, and most likely will change as I become educated on all things political, economical, or otherwise. I consider myself at this moment relatively politically naive. Not as ignorant as some, and not as informed as the rest. As I grow through informal and 'paid' education, this will be a forum for me (and you) to share what I've (we've) learned, and how my opinion might have changed as a result. I will do my best to make this a daily blog, but it won't start out that way. Stay tuned for more 'episodes' as I post them. If you enjoy what you've read, please spread the word. With that- here we go!
Article I

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Liberal or Conservative? A donkey? or an elephant? It's one or the other right? Isn't that how this great nation works? We're set apart by dictatorships and single ruler monarchies by that ONE SINGLE additional option right? We, as Americans, have the option of choosing 'the lesser of two evils'. We saw it in the last Presidential election. A record turnout of voters chose the Democratic candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, instead of John McCain, the Republican candidate. (In case you hadn't heard). This was caused, in no small part, by the previous administration's performance. America was in an 'anti-Republican' fervor like no other time in our history. Bush couldn't be voted out, but those pesky, rich, white, war-mongering Republicans could be! And they were. In both houses of Congress, and the Presidency. (no doubt in countless local level elections as well- don't know the stats). The Republicans were the greater of two evils. We, as a nation, didn't vote for the Democrats as much as we voted against the other guys. I'm pretty sure ANY democratic nominee could have won the Presidency. Pure speculation, yes, but that's the vibe I felt in the air when last November rolled around. So- now, the Democratic party has control of our government, and doesn't require bipartisanship to get bills passed. Hence, the WHOLLY UNREAD stimulus bill passed in days, and without support from the other major political party. In fact, it passed despite serious objections from the Republicans. Ours is a ONE PARTY GOVERNMENT. It's what the people of this country wanted. It's what they (we) chose. Does anyone think this is a good thing? I'd love to hear from you if you do! It will continue to happen- over and over. A vicious cycle. The lesser of TWO evils at any given point in time will be in the White House.

We all know the Bush 'disaster' of a Presidency. Corrupt, money-hungry, evil. Just some of the adjectives tossed around.

What about Democratic (former) Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich? Impeached unanimously by his state legislature. Same words could describe him. Or (soon-to-be-former) Senator Burriss, appointed by Blago? He stood up in front of the Senate (the Democrat controlled Senate, remember) and the nation, and said basically, (and under oath I might add) that he had not had any discussions with Blagojevich or his people concerning money. An Important question to answer considering what Blago was, in part, accused of. I'm a CLEAN guy appointed by a DIRTY one! Give me a chance! And the Democratic Senate leadership confirmed him. Welcome to the party, Sen. Burriss (D Ill.). That's a big seat to fill, Obama's. Especially for a guy who had lost his previous four election bids, as voted on by the people of Illinois. (clearly- the greater of the evils!) Oh- but WAIT! I did discuss 'fundraising' with his (Blago's) brother, and four or five staff members while petitioning for that coveted Senate seat. Does that count? My bad, I forgot to mention that. How about Tom Daschle's tax mess? Why hasn't Obama found enough people to fill his cabinet? The Democrats he has selected that haven't panned out, didn't make the cut due to some type of impropriety, (improper or unpaid tax filings) and the Republicans he has chosen in an effort to diversify his cabinet, aren't interested in supporting his policies that are anything BUT bipartisan.

These Democrats are members of the party that America chose as (say it with me) the lesser of two evils! How nice. We have choices that amount to 'Corrupt' and 'Somewhat Corrupt'. So when the Democrats screw things up for us, which WILL happen; maybe not in these four years or four months or 10 years or whatever, but according to history, inevitable, we'll hand the reins back over to the elephants, who, in good time, will again become the 'lesser'. Slowly we turn- the vicious cycle continues...

What can we, as Americans who love our country do to end this cycle of a back-and-forth struggle between two 'evils'?

We can vote independent of the two major parties! Yes we can! We can research, and embrace a 'third-party' that falls in line with what we, personally and individually, believe in. The term 'third-party' is a general term used to describe any party that is not symbolized by a donkey or an elephant. Just like the term 'third-world' is (was) used to describe any non-power country in the world. (Which, with the death of the U.S.S.R., no longer holds water as a descriptive, literal term) There are many third-parties to choose from, and like the ideologies they stand for, the ones that make the most sense to the most people survive and grow. (Like a true free market economy, but that's for another episode!) Sure, you'll hear from folks that you're throwing your vote away when you vote independent, but you won't hear it from those who actually vote for a third party candidate. It's the people happy with the status-quo who will attempt to discourage you from doing so. Our 'trusted' Republicans and Democrats. They'll tell you that voting independent saps votes from one of the two major parties, and will help the 'other guy' (their greater of the two evils) to win. Well, for now, they're right. Don't let that stop you. The more of us that vote independent, the quicker the status-quo will change. (REAL change, not a Democratic campaign slogan). If a party receives enough votes, enough of a percentage of the people, well then the 'Big Guys' take notice. Policy change will be implemented in an effort to win back your vote. The Federal Government provides matching funds needed in order to compete promotionally, and thus, survive and grow. How about choosing from the lesser of THREE evils? or TEN? Or better still, voting for who you believe to be the BEST person for the post? Throw out ALL the evils, and choose the right man or woman for the job? Sound good? at least better?

Some of the larger third parties are: the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Reform party, and many, many others. (more than you probably think- there's a party for just about any political combination of ideologies!)

You can begin your research with this:

Now- are you a Republican, Democrat, or an Individual who thinks for yourself?

I'll expand on these points and more in my next post.

Thanks for rollin with me-



  1. Your blog should be required reading in school. I might have Emma read it and comment - she LOVES debating politics! She always starts with the same comment - Hilary is insane. I think if she won Emma would make us move to a different country.

  2. Friedrich Nietzsche once said; "Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man."

    While not speaking directly of it, these words can overlay every aspect of our political system.

    I myself, equate politics to dating. Follow me for a moment;

    When dating, most people including you, are "hoping" for someone to make your life better than it currently is. Along the way you come across a number of suitors, each one vying for your affection. Each touting promises of eternal happiness and bliss through love and support. Every promise the likes of which you have never experienced.

    Pretty soon you have to narrow down the pool, and the suitors know this, and they are more than willing to help you with that. Each glorifying themselves while slandering the other guy. As an experienced dater you're well aware how this works so you try not to let that cloud your judgment. You, my friend, are a smart cookie, you decide to do some research. You ask others what they think. Getting opinions from Mr. Times, uncle CNN, aunt Fox, or Mrs. Post, they never steer you wrong. They give it to you straight. Right? Okay so now you've narrowed it down to 2 or 3 suitors which you "hope" will be a fitting match. Two of which have A LOT of friends, and you have to hear what every one of these friends have to say when it comes to their guy, they tell you about the romantic getaways and hearts and flowers, all of it of course is good. Then there's the third suitor, he only has two friends, they tell you hes pretty broke and cant afford most of that stuff but he's a great guy.

    So finally you decide. "I "hope" this is the one for me" you say. Everything, for a time is great.

    But then they change, all that stuff they said they'd do. They don't. Remember how awesome and sweet and nice they were. They're not. But you stick with them, "hoping" they'll change, that they'll be what they promised you. They don't.

    So there you are sitting on the couch eating a tub of rocky road ice cream, watching Love Actually for the 34th time, and crying incessantly, waiting for him to do what he said he would.

    And after eight years, of a love/hate relationship you're just done with it. And so, you do the whole thing over again.

    That being said, I'm never gonna stop "hoping" to find that certain someone when it comes to politics, Democrat, Republican, Independent, whoever. But I'm gonna keep a tub or rocky road in the freezer just in case.

    -Chester Copperpott

  3. CC- i can dig the analogy. I'm a believer in 'there's someone for everyone'. The broader your horizons, the more likely you'll find that 'someone'. In other words, the more supermarkets you shop in, the more likely Mr. or Ms. Right is waiting for you in the Ice Cream aisle.

    Thanks for your comment, bro-

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Johnny Boy - I look forward to reading ur take on life on this great big mudball.

  5. This comment was left in my private mailbox by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous:

    I liked it. I am personally probably never going to post a political piece because of fear. I feel like I actually do NOT have the freedom to post such posts. In other words, I feel like I am already on a black list for getting hired and I haven't really directly posted anything ... at least not favoring one party over another.

    One thing I do know is this current Democrat regime is not the same party as JFK.. completely different stances on freedom and politics.
    Also, if you actually look up the vote turnout this time, fewer people voted in this election than in the previous 4 elections. However, there were record-turnouts among certain racial components of the turnout.

    Other than that, I do feel that it is fair that there is a one party system. This may not be very fun for Republicans, however--- I sense a strong awakening among all republicans.. and moderate democrats.. even more conservative democrats. A strong emergence and awareness of what is going on. This should trigger some seriously powerful results in the future but for the next year and a half or so.. It's going to be hack after hack after hack after hack.. Or at least attempted hacks.

    I mean, look at California. They based their 2009 fiscal budget on their 2008 fiscal budget. This is standard practice. (stupid practice but standard).. Tax receipts are declining do to a complex system of problems: lending problems, the cumulated effect of the $5/gal gas for 2 years straight, the looming threat of taxes on income and capital gains, the effects of all these bad mortgages causing a surplus of owners paying off mortgages worth more than the current value of their house a(those who refinanced or made purchases during the bubble before it burst)

    So while California has plenty of money relative to the rest of the country, the government refuses to cut ANY of its spending.. so they have a huge deficit. How retarded. Now they have cancelled tax refunds ha ha ha. what tax rate does this result in? AND HOW IT WILL cause the economy to plunge even further!!!!!! That's like when you're running out of gas in your Ford Mustang GT so what do you do? You cut the fuel line??? DUH.. now gas will run out of the engine AND out of the gas tank!!!! now if you have power steering and power brakes, you better not be driving down a mountain road.. because you are FUCKED!

    For me it is not a political problem really.. I am more of an independent. For me it is a math problem. Not everyone is good at math. Not everyone who is good at math has polished their chops by enrolling in advanced math courses either. This is extremely evident to people like us when we watch the "SO CALLED ELITE" make absolutely moronic projections or accounts of the economy. It has gotten so bad that I almost feel like they will outlaw individuals who have passed Pre-Calculus courses and above because they pose a direct threat to certain administrations or political plans. Hell, screw that.. Anyone who has above a 10th grader education is now a potential threat to the administration.. that is if they are "awake".
    ha ha

    its funny. oh well.
    I'm the typ of person who can adapt to anything so I'm ready to join up with whoever is in control.